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This is a story about ideas and new technology

What we do

So you have this great idea to disrupt your organisation. Somehow you know AI is a key component of the end result, but you’re not sure how… This is where we will help you by prototyping, launching, and scaling AI solutions. On this way, we innovate together.

What to expect from us

  •  1.
    Innovation as a Service

    Tackling problems your business is facing using tailored software engineering.

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    New, Newer, Newest

    Working with the latest but proven techniques in data science and AI.

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    Value-based rates

    Our rates are based on the added value to your organisation.


I was really impressed with the way Hemisphere handled everything. From the first conversation to everything in between, they were very helpful and knowledgeable.

Niels van Hofwegen
Program Manager at EPCOR

New ideas + 
New technologies

Why AI, you say?

Machine Learning opened doors to endless engineering possibilities and applications. It has become the way to do things in a better, faster and smarter matter. While in constant development, we mastered a great set of AI technologies and skill sets. It has become the hammer in our toolkit.

latest updates

  • If Data Is the New Oil, Then Most of It Is Still in the Ground

    In the midst of the massive and long-lasting digital revolution, it is hard to even comprehend the sheer volume of the energy that fuels it: data. Data is the fuel that drives the technology and processes that are changing our world. Without data, hardware and software are just a novelty, perhaps some things to make our lives mildly easier. As fossil fuels powered the industrial revolution, the digital revolution’s energy is data, and much of this potential fuel is still in the ground unseen and untapped.

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    Written by Thomas Schijf

  • How To Eat an Elephant?

    One disaster after another, mankind seems to take a beating. And so does our planet. If we zoom out, the picture of a planet in distress comes to mind. Global warming hangs over us like a looming threat. Its a whole set of problems for which no easy way out exists. Even the proposed solutions to the problems pose problems in themselves. These types of problems have a name: wicked problems.

    It is clear that the wicked problems of our times have outgrown and outpaced the capabilities of us mere mortals alone. We need help. Yet it will not come from above. We float on a big rock in the middle of light years of solitude.

    We can get help from within, though. Applied Artificial Intelligence can help us to tame the complexity that wicked problems pose. Through machine learning and deep learning, problem-solving tasks that we deemed impossible before, are now within our grasp.

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    Written by Jan Willem De Vries

  • Freeing 1.5 million Dutch Homes From Gas Heating by Using AI

    The Energy Act is now operative. This means that we need to switch from fossil fuels as a primary heating source to alternative renewables as soon as possible. To hit the goal of reducing our emissions by 40% before 2030 in The Netherlands alone, about 1.5 million homes need to be modified as they are currently heated by mainly natural gas-powered heaters. But how are we going to do that?

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    Written by Thomas Schijf