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From data research all the way to AI implementation. Hemisphere understands what it takes to become an AI-leader in your industry.

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Youri van der Zee

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Digitization with AI

From information to optimization

The most value is obtained when your organization fully embraces digitization. The organization is now able to implement solutions in every division. Let Hemisphere be your north star to get there.

In the spotlight

A smarter customer service with AI

By opening WhatsApp as a new channel, employees had to deal with a higher workload. Hemisphere developed various Natural Language Understanding (NLU) solutions for Vattenfall that make customer service work easier and more efficient.

In the spotlight

Search faster in tender documents

Hemisphere helped Altura streamline the procurement process by applying GPT-4 to make large documents smartly searchable. The solution reduces the time customers spend searching tenders, one of the most time-consuming tasks. As a result, Altura customers realize up to 30% time savings and can respond more efficiently to tender opportunities.

Way of working

From concept to implementation

IT projects are known for the fact that they can quickly become comprehensive. By focusing per phase on the core functionalities of the solution, we reduce costs and increase the chance of success.

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What our customers say

Why now?

Affordable & Better Service

Affordable & Better Service

Developments in AI enable us to understand what customers want at a deep level. The perfect opportunity to (further) automate service processes and thus offer a more affordable and better service experience.
Flexibility in choosing software

Flexibility in choosing software

Where organizations used to depend on one system for all processes, organizations are increasingly opting for separate Cloud / SaaS solutions. It is often still a challenge to properly link these solutions with existing systems and processes. With the advent of (low-code) data pipeline building blocks, it is possible to link almost any solution. This gives you the flexibility to always go for the best solution without being stuck with legacy systems.
New revenue streams

New revenue streams

De wereld om ons heen verandert steeds sneller. Big Data & AI openen deuren naar nieuwe mogelijkheden en kansen. ML kent steeds meer succesverhalen en werkt al lang niet meer alleen op theoretische datasets. Door handmatige processen te automatiseren voor een fractie van de kosten zijn er verschillende verdienmodellen te bedenken die u vandaag een concurrentievoordeel opleveren.

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Level 1

Data research

Data contains rich and often real-time information for a wealth of applications. By analyzing the large influx of customer contacts (anonymously), you are able to gain almost real-time insight into customer needs. Based on these insights, it is also possible to hyper personalize the offer. 

Hemisphere helps you make analyzes to understand the different trends and opportunities at the micro level. By responding to this, you exceed customer expectations and gain trust.

Level 2

Data engineering

The shift to cloud services offers organizations the opportunity to simplify their data processing. Companies that currently rely on batch processing can now implement continuous processing methods without disrupting their current processes. Rather than expensive rip-and-replace, the implementation can be incremental and evolutionary. 

By following the Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) methodology, data is processed and passed on in a qualitative and safe manner. This reduces the chance of errors in the data and provides the management team with the right data to base their decisions on.

Level 3

New AI model design

A costly hick-up in your process and do you have the feeling that only an AI solution can answer this? 

Hemisphere closely follows global AI development. This gives us a good idea of what is possible today. We have mastered various AI techniques on a broad level.

As a result, in most cases up to 80% of the final solution can be achieved in a design sprint of 2 weeks.

Level 4

AI optimization & implementation

AI is never a standalone solution. It requires a lot of fine-tuning and creating the right conditions to successfully land a Machine Learning model in an organization. Hemisphere knows what it takes to take these models to the next level. 

There are dozens of reasons why a model does not make it to implementation. Quality of (input) data, availability & costs of sufficient computing power and management are all well-known examples.

Hemisphere works with you to see what is needed to get more out of your AI solution. You can contact us from cleaning data and setting up HPC instances to offering customized Machine Learning SLAs.