Smarter Customer Service

Smarter Customer Service Back Helping customers is essential for customer loyalty but it is complex & expensive. Through increased customer standards, desires and situations, providing customer support has become a tough challenge for service-driven organizations.  Problem How to keep the cost low on one hand and quality high on the other when human agents.  Solution …

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Migrating to a New Database

Migrating to a New Database Back Unica, a large office space service organization in the Netherlands, asked Hemisphere to support them with their migration task to Microsoft Dynamics.   ProblemAt Unica different versions of the truth were present at different data sources. Not finding the right relation between the different fields would lead to inconsistencies in …

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Personalized medicine intake

Personalized medicine intake Back Millions of people rely on getting the right intake of medicines. It gets tricky when you’re prescribed a new medicine and are unsure how it will interact with your other medicines.   ProblemWith the enormous influx of new medicines, it becomes increasingly difficult for people (including medical experts) to assess whether the …

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Understand Customer Reviews

Understand Customer Reviews Back Reviews help organizations improve their products and services, nothing new. But what are the exact features your customers want? An essential part of the strategy of this client was to listen to their customers. They asked us how to tackle the classification of their customer reviews.   ProblemOne of our clients faced …

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Virtual Police Officer

Virtual Police Officer Back The Dutch police wanted to discover if a chatbot system could work as a new reporting channel. This could also be a nice way to keep civilians in the loop and give relevant updates about their request. Together with our partner Deloitte we organized several design sprints of multiple weeks to …

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Prevent payment problems

Prevent payment problems Back Hemisphere did this project for a large utility company ( with 2 million+ clients). These clients have to pay monthly and annual invoices. However in about 2% of the cases people were not able to pay the invoice in time. In some cases this resulted in far going payment issues. By …

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Sustainable Impact Insight

Sustainable Impact Insight Back Impactalytics is for the true impact investor. But as a true impact investor, how do you know you make true impact when investing in company X? We partnered with Impactalytics to develop a tool that can analyze thousands of annual reports to find all of the UN Sustainable Development Goals claims …

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Hemisphere at The Nieuwe Economie (RTL-Z)

Hemisphere is featured in The Nieuwe Economie. A business program on the Dutch television. Thomas explains where Hemisphere stands for and how we help our clients by tackling difficult data challenges (Dutch, English subs)  You can see the full video here