One word, a thousand meanings

Subject categorization provides high level insights on what is happening both inside and outside your organization. Whether you want to know what happens in the news or understand a unique product that your customers are most excited about, it all starts by finding a subject or categorization that is distinct enough to pinpoint the main message and general enough to be able to discover trends on an aggregated level.

The key challenge

Find the right balance between too specific and too general when choosing a proper subject for a given piece of text.

Topic detection

With category detection you get deeper insights about, for example, the subjects your customers are talking about. To keep categories insightful we work with automated parenting, where we automatically split up main categories into subcategories. Also, by working with unsupervised clustering models you are able to find new trending topics automatically.

Language is more than the meaning of words alone; think about the characteristics of the author: like style, quality or emotion. These properties of the text give much more meaning to the intent of the text than a subject alone.

Do you eat Python for breakfast?