Impactalytics is for the true impact investor. But as a true impact investor, how do you know you make true impact when investing in company X? We partnered with Impactalytics to develop a tool that can analyze thousands of annual reports to find all of the UN Sustainable Development Goals claims a company makes.  

Reports contain much detailed information often in very a compact naturally-written form. The challenge is to get the core message by reading entire paragraphs. Therefore keyword search is not attainable.


We choose to use a state of the art language model that is trained to understand entire sentences. Eventually the solution was able to label the correct impact claims across the 17 main goals and 169 targets in 85% of the cases. The solution works on any given annual report.

Better insights: Actionable insights of your portfolios and the market.

Better decisions: Investors no longer need to deal with complicated and cluttered sheets full of unrelated and untraceable sustainable impact data. Impactalytics offers live transparent dashboards with your portfolio and compares it to the current market.


10.000+ corporate annual reports


Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers


Designing, modelling, and testing


Realized in 24 weeks

Realtime investment insights delivered at your doorstep?