Millions of people rely on getting the right intake of medicines. It gets tricky when you’re prescribed a new medicine and are unsure how it will interact with your other medicines. 

With the enormous influx of new medicines, it becomes increasingly difficult for people (including medical experts) to assess whether the prescription is safe to use. As a result, thousands of people die annually as a result of the wrong medicine combination.


We helped by analyzing thousands of medical leaflets and finding indicators that hint at not taking it in combination with other medicines. With these insights people can now check whether a certain combination of medicines is safe to use via a virtual chat conversation interface. The interface is offered as white-label solution to different online retailers and drugstores.

Better insights: No longer read entire medical leaflets with difficult terms and instantly check whether you can safely use this medicine for your situation.

Better decisions: Is it safe for you to use a given combination of medicines for your situation?



400.000 anonymized WhatsApp messages


Semi-supervised clustering model


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Realized in 16 weeks

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