Regain control over your data

In the past 10 years the amount of unstructured data has grown exponentially from 1% to 80% of all digital data. At the same time we have become more and more reliant on this data. With large amounts of data being continuously generated and the trend set to further increase, organizations that make valuable use of data to take informed decisions in real time will create a competitive advantage. While working for various clients in diverse industries we see how easy it is to store the data, but how challenging it is to gather insights from it. We partner with you to build a competitive advantage, reclaiming control over your data.

Exponential growth of unstructured data

Typically, data first needs to be structured before it is ready for analysis. Because structuring data is a timely and manual process, it could not keep up with the pace at which data was collected in the last decade. Therefore, new approaches and techniques are needed to distill insights from this specific data-type.
The world is changing rapidly. Not aligning your services or products with the insights from these unstructured data sources will make it increasingly difficult to continue to anticipate rapidly-changing customer needs.

A new business intelligence workflow

When it comes to decision-making ideally you want to have all of the information at the right time.
Advances in Artificial Intelligence enable us to reverse the business intelligence cycle to find insights directly from the raw (unstructured) data. This enables you to instantly improve your data quality, lower your costs, and come to new insights.

Why Me? Why Now?

Improve your data quality

Unstructured data will just keep growing. Organizations that act earlier to understand the value in their data will be ahead of their competitors.
On average, the quality of our categorization increased by 40% compared with human annotation.

Save costs and redeploy your human capital

Our clients experienced a cost reduction of as much as 90% in teams where manual data annotation is being automated with our solutions.
Human agents reported higher job satisfaction when devoted to solving more relevant and rewarding problems.

New data discoveries

Unlock a wealth of data that is available but untapped.
Find new growth areas and build new solutions much earlier than your competitors do.

On what topic do you take back control?
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What Our Clients Say

Hemisphere has created brilliant algorithms and wonderful analysis tools that have helped us understand our customers better than ever before.

Arjan de Jong – Specialist Lead Data & AI at Vattenfall Procurement

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