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We assist organisations by attributing meaning to their large amounts of unstructured textual data. This data contains rich and real-time information for a wealth of applications like: understanding customer needs, identifying trends, optimizing processes, and personalizing offerings. We reverse the conventional business intelligence workflow so you are able to understand problems better and take action faster.

Lars Rigter

AI Specialist

Artificial Intelligence is going to reshape the world and we are going to reshape it with you.

At Hemisphere, we focus on helping our clients streamline the work of innovation through collaboration. We translate new ideas into innovative solutions using cutting edge data science & AI techniques. Through this work, organizations find new revenue streams to move years ahead of their competition.

How we tackle difficult data challenges

We have crystallized our approach and developed a proven process. Too often we see how innovative projects in organizations quickly become overcomplicated resulting in complex, over-budget and unfinished solutions. We firmly believe in a stage-gated approach where we deliver finished and demonstrable solutions to problems.

Our proven approach from idea to implementation


In this phase, key facts are identified, and hypotheses are formulated. We then dive in the data in the hunt for evidence for our hypotheses, find patterns, and get a broader understanding of the problem.


If we have a better understanding of the data, we validate the key assumptions by means of an A/B test. Having these insights at hand, we together assess whether it is worth building a technological solution for this problem.​


With support from the previous two phases, a first version of the solution is build. The solution is tested and evaluated with its stakeholders.​


This phase is to check whether the solution also works on a scaled dataset. Fine-tuning the solution must make sure it meets the expectations of its users.​


The solution is integrated in your software pipeline. We provide guidance, training, and documentation on how to work with the solution and are a helping hand when you have any questions. We have gained experience with the following technology stacks: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform.​

What Our Clients Say

I was really impressed with the way Hemisphere handled everything. From the first conversation to everything in between, they were very helpful and knowledgeable.

Niels van Hofwegen – Program Manager at EPCOR (Air France-KLM)

What You Can Expect From Us


We are a team of makers that love to build beautiful algorithms for the most difficult challenges. Every organization is different, we therefore strongly believe in tailored solutions that give you a competitive edge.


We know innovation is anything but predictable; regardless of the challenge, you can always count on our pragmatic attitude. Technology should enable organizations to reach their goals in a better way.


We are passionate about results. We divide the work over several defined stages; after each stage we will provide you with the key results and how it impacts your business. We want to see you succeed.

We implement our models at leading cloud technology stacks