Unica, a large office space service organization in the Netherlands, asked Hemisphere to support them with their migration task to Microsoft Dynamics. 

At Unica different versions of the truth were present at different data sources. Not finding the right relation between the different fields would lead to inconsistencies in the new Microsoft Dynamics environment after migration.


By applying various smart business rules (using NLP) Hemisphere was able to correctly map over 50% of the (IST) fields to the right fields to the new (SOLL) environment. Reducing the amount of manual labour required to map the fields with 50%. For the remaining 50% Hemisphere developed an easy to use web interface where the 100+ Unica employees were able to validate the remaining fields in no time.       

Better insights: By leveraging AI technology to make the mapping of various unstructured text fields Unica was able to avoid a lot of manual work, which not only made it easier for the business to make the mapping, it also helped build internal credibility this immense complex migration was doable.     

Better decisions: Using one single source of truth (Microsoft Dynamics) helped the organization to get high levels of enterprise efficiency using a datasource where all employees & clients could rely on. 


About 3000 contracts with several hundreds of thousands of assets to be linked


Hugging Face, Microsoft Azure (AutoML), MS Dynamics, MongoDB 


Prototyping, Testing, Implementation


Realized in 40 weeks