How To Eat an Elephant?

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One disaster after another, mankind seems to take a beating. And so does our planet. If we zoom out, the picture of a planet in distress comes to mind. Global warming hangs over us like a looming threat. Its a whole set of problems for which no easy way out exists. Even the proposed solutions to the problems pose problems in themselves. These types of problems have a name: wicked problems.

It is clear that the wicked problems of our times have outgrown and outpaced the capabilities of us mere mortals alone. We need help. Yet it will not come from above. We float on a big rock in the middle of light years of solitude.

We can get help from within, though. Applied Artificial Intelligence can help us to tame the complexity that wicked problems pose. Through machine learning and deep learning, problem-solving tasks that we deemed impossible before, are now within our grasp.

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Written by Jan Willem De Vries