Is your organization ready for AI?

The world is changing rapidly. We are in the midst of a new digital revolution that brings us many new possibilities. However, your core legacy systems are often not ready to plug-in on these technologies and switching to new ones is easier said than done. Using smart field mapping techniques we assist your organization by making the leap to a future-proof database or enabling your prime data sources to become more intelligent.

Key challenge

How to make a 10X improvement leap in IT, considering all dependencies and complexities of the business or industry at stake?

Database Migration mapping models

Migrating from your legacy databases to a new database? Our mapping models help you make the correct mapping between the old unstructured fields to the new one.

AI-enabled databases

Aiming to add a new layer of intelligence on top of your existing data landscape? With an AI enabled database you are able to dynamically change the content and order of in and out going mutations.