Release human agents from routine tasks

Routine tasks are necessary for good business operations, however they are not the preference for human agents. AI will happily perform those tasks while agents can devote their attention to supporting customers. By automatically classifying the journey and intent topics and writing a summarization of the conversation, service agents are alleviated from the most time-consuming administrative service tasks.

Conversation labelling

Automatically identify the customer intent to provide an adequate response the first time or route the conversation to the relevant agent. Saving more than a minute of manual assignment in each conversation.
Service ConversationJourneyTopic
I have just received a message from you by email that the direct debit has failed, so I suspect that it is now possible to make the payment arrangement?Being a customerPayment arrangement
Good afternoon. I have a question about the monthly amount. Minimum is € 62 but I want it lower as our average cost has been € 15 for the past months.Being a customerChange term amount
I'm orientating for a new energy contract, what are your tariffs?Becoming a customerPricing information
Do you have a new attractive offer for me? My contract is about to expire and I'm considering switching unless you have something attractive.Contract renewalNew contract proposal
We bought a new house and want to change our address in the systemMovingChange contract
Journey & topic model in action
Agent written summaryAuto generated summary
Situation: Client cannot pay the bill before April 10th. Can it be postponed for April 20?
Solution: postponed until April 20 in March
Situation: Client is unable to pay the bill before April 10th. Asked if it can be postponed until April 20th?
Solution: Agent postponed until April 20th.
Situation: Client has already called 2 times. He wants to know when our contract expires. They are considering leaving because they believe they are not appreciated as a loyal customer
Solution: (Agent copy paste) Good evening. What a pity to hear that you may wish to switch. You indicate that we do not value loyal customers. We certainly do! I cannot offer you a gift or welcome bonus. We only offer this to new customers. As a loyal customer you benefit from an increasing and permanent discount on electricity. In addition, you save for beautiful gifts. The longer you are a customer, the faster you save. Your current contracts will run until the end December 2022. If you switch now, you will pay us a cancellation fee. This because of the contract breach.
Situation: Client is already a customer for some time. Believes that he is not appreciated as a loyal customer.
Solution: Agents understands frustration but cannot offer a gift or welcome bonus at the moment.
Situation: Customer has a question about the monthly amount.. Minimum is € 62 but wants it lower it to € 50 as his average costs have been lowered with € 15 in recent months.
Solution: Changed term amount, consider colder months. But we don't want you to have any surprises
Situation: Client wants to reduce budget bill to 50 euros
Solution: Agent adjusted budget bill adjusted to € 50
Summary model in action

Conversation summarization

Automatically prepare accurate, comprehensive and efficient summaries of conversations. Increasing agent productivity by a factor of 2 by eliminating writing and reducing reading time.

The flywheel of customer service automation

Automation is more than cost reduction (and high ROI). When done properly it doesn’t only save you time, it improves the work ethos of human capital. Meaning that your human agents are redeployed to engage with customers in solving tough challenges. A true hero’s journey!
Your customers receive a more prompt response for large volumes of queries, therefore less friction.
Engaged employees who help customers provide a much better customer experience that translates into an increase in your organization’s NPS and CES.

Faster responses increase customer satisfaction

Customers will receive first time right answers to their most frequent questions, more promptly. When serviced by a human, our summarization tool will allow the agent to understand the situation more quickly.

What Our Clients Say

The world around us is digitizing at lightning speed. Thanks to Hemisphere’s self-learning techniques we can provide our customers with a better service at a lower cost. This leads to happier customers and more engaged employees. Today, and on the long term
Jorissa Neutelings – Head of Digital Innovation & IT