A new generation of customer service automation is here

Deploy a conversational AI solution that is capable of understanding and solving complex service inquiries from the first message onwards. No one likes automated chat services that do not understand the issue at hand. That’s why our conversational AI bot identifies which flows it can deal with and which ones it needs human support. It is all integrated in one user-friendly service solution.

The long tail of customer service

Chatbots can already provide significant value to organizations by automating short and frequently-asked questions. However for more lengthy messages or complex resolutions, chatbots often fail to understand the problem. In those cases organizations still need to rely on their human workforce, which make it costly and inefficient.

Introducing Reassign

Our Conversational AI is developed on top of the language understanding techniques, able to understand much deeper contexts and longer customer questions. By transforming long customer questions into simple and concrete actions, agents accept chatbot handling suggestions or steer the AI when necessary.

Why Me? Why Now?

Higher customer satisfaction

No more frustrated customers due to negative automated message experiences. The Reassign AI decides which questions it can handle on its own and for which questions it needs more input from its human colleagues.

Save costs and redeploy your human capital

Your average handling time for human agents will drop as much as 80%. With Reassign, 1 service agent can handle over 10 customer conversations simultaneously.

Get started on the fly

The Reassign AI is able to obtain its initial knowledge from older conversations, so you don’t need human trainers to build the service flows manually.

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