No time to waste

Through increased customer product and channel complexity, providing customer service has become a tough challenge for service-driven organizations. However, helping customers is essential to winning their trust and making them loyal to your brand. AI is at a level where it can produce high quality conversations, automate agent tasks or monitor sentiment for only a fraction of the cost.

Key challenge

How to lower handling times, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs, all at the same time.

Conversation AI

Conversation AI is the next leap in automated customer support. Compared to chatbots, that are mainly optimized for intent recognition and slot filling, conversational AI understands entire conversations and pushes efficiency of customer service departments to a new level.

Task Automation

Conversation topic & summary generation helps to run your customer service department efficiently. Now agents can solely focus on helping customers instead of doing administration. With these tools you can reduce handling times significantly.

Sentiment Monitoring

Most modern organizations collect feedback, but do not analyze it. With the automatic customer review topic model, you will understand customer needs & complaints better than ever before. Better addressing these results in higher retention rates and better customer satisfaction.

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