We are

A team of experienced data/AI specialists and business practitioners with a hands-on approach towards applying self-learning technologies. We help you navigate through your toughest data challenges by designing, deploying, and scaling AI solutions.

Our Mission

Our brain has two Hemispheres that need to work together to come to the most thoughtful and creative solutions. We envision a world where technology experts and leading brands work closely together to make organizations smarter and more capable of evolving. It is therefore our mission to create a worldwide knowledge network where organizations can tap into the latest self-learning technologies and help them obtain the capabilities needed to build scalable solutions with it.

We are all different, but this is what we have in common:

Are you also a team player with a hands-on approach towards applying techniques and an open mindset towards working with new ideas?

Behind the screens

Youri van der Zee

AI Specialist

Frank van Oosterhout

Business Analyst

Thomas Schijf


Lars Rigter

AI Specialist

Axel Bremer

AI Specialist

Fabio Rodriguez

Business Development

Board of Advisors

Landry Aussems

Founder Tessa.com

Jan Willem de Vries

Strategist Gemeente Amsterdam

Ecosystem partners

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